Jasmine + Apricot Face Oil
Jasmine + Apricot Face Oil

Jasmine + Apricot Face Oil

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[Jasmine + Apricot Face Oil] is for combination skin.

Unique blends of beneficial oils help to hydrate and renew your skin. Filled with vitamins and minerals, our face oil will improve your skin's elasticity, minimize the appearance of scars, even skin tone, smooth fine lines and will hydrate your skin. It absorbs quickly without clogging pores.

Ingredients /

Grape seed oil, apricot oil, pumpkin seed oil, almond oil, watermelon seed oil, *jasmine, *rose, *tuberose, *violet leaf, *rosewood, *cedarwood, *rose geranium, *tangerine, *ylang ylang, *orange

* denotes essential oil

Use a light amount of oil (one pump) in fingertips and massage into cleansed skin [best to use after toning]

- B E N E F I T S - 

Our light-based combinations of gentle oils can be used on sensitive skin (patch test first). Nourishing, balancing, and filled with essential vitamins for the skin - each oil helps reduce acne flare ups, soothe irritated skin, minimize scarring, and can fight ageing. Infused with floral essential oils to lighten mood, brighten skin, and assist with repairing any previous damage. The aroma can help with stress, insomnia, and anxiety. Rose has many benefits to the skin, including reducing redness, even skin tone, and cool.


*contains nuts*