Orange + Grapefruit Face Mist and Space Spray
Orange + Grapefruit Face Mist and Space Spray

Orange + Grapefruit Face Mist and Space Spray

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[ Face Mist and Space Spray ] 120ml LIMITED EDITION - ENDS AUG 1

A blend of refreshing and healing ingredients to tone your skin, and improve your mood. Made with locally sourced products, you can not only use this as a toner, but carry in your bag to clear your energy. 

Demineralised Water / Orange Blossom Water / Rose Water / *Aloe Vera Juice / Witch Hazel / **lavender, **lemon, **juniper, **peppermint, **wild orange, **rosemary, ** grapefruit

* denotes organic , ** essential oil


 Demineralised water / is free from toxins, microbes, and pollutants

Orange Blossom Water / Can help with insomnia and anxiety, as well as reduce oily skin, even skin tone, and help with redness

Rose Water / maintains your skins pH balance, fights acne, dermatitis and eczema, hydrates and heals. Cools and tones. 

Witch Hazel / anti inflammatory properties, decreases unneeded oils and redness, promotes healing and reduces acne.

Aloe Vera Juice / acts as a moisturiser, treats sunburn, treats acne, fights aging and helps to reduce stretch marks

Blend of lavender, lemon, juniper, peppermint, wild orange, rosemary, and grapefruit which can help with toning skin, reducing redness, evening skin tone, and reducing scarring. These oils blended together uplift moods, and clear any negative energy.

Spray to cleansed face to use as toner, or to clear bad energy in your space